Stretch Wrapping Machines

  • Cousins 550UP Stretch Wrap Film Applicator

    Cousins 550PUP

    Low Cost Stretch Film Applicator

    The Cousins 550PUP is a low cost stretch wrap, pallet wrapping machine designed for lower volume stretch wrapping of lighter weight loads. The 550PUP features all-electric operation, a formed steel base and tower construction and an 18 point turntable support system. It can handle loads up to 3000 lbs. dynamic with a maximum load size of 48"W x 48"L x 75"H. It is simple to operate and is forklift portable with pick-up angles on the base included.

  • Cousins Semi-Automated Packaging Sytem for High and Low Profile

    Cousins 2100X

    High and Low Profile Semi-Automatics

    Available in low profile, high profile and dual turntable models, the Cousins 2100X Series stretch wrap machine is the perfect combination of performance and value for most standard stretch wrapping applications. Featuring 10" structural steel tower construction and a rugged, maintenance-free 36 point turntable, they are nearly indestructible. The 2100X Series also offers all-electric operation, Panasonic PLC controls, a Rapid Thread pre-stretch film carriage and auto load height detection.

  • Conveyorized Automatic Stretch Wrapper

    Cousins A-Arm

    Conveyorized Automatic Stretch Wrapper

    The Cousins A-Arm is a revolutionary concept in stretch wrapping. Unlike standard automated packaging systems, the A-Arm begins the wrap at the top of the load, eliminating the need for a clamp and wipe device. This makes it a much more reliable design, stabilizes the top of the load sooner, allows you to top band your load and eliminates the need for precise placement of the load on the turntable. Its unique design also allows it to be priced thousands less than other standard automatics.

  • Cousins 6100 Conveyorized Stretch Wrapper

    Cousins 6100

    Conveyorized Automatic Stretch Wrapper

    The Cousins 6100 is a conveyorized automatic stretch wrap machine designed for heavy duty performance in 24/7 environments. The 6100 features heavy duty, all steel construction and a roller bearing carriage guidance instead of plastic glides for smooth carriage travel. It is capable of handling loads up to 4000 lbs. with a maximum load size of 50"W x 50"L x 82"H. And with cycle speeds up to 65 loads per hour, it can keep up with nearly any production line.

  • Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap Machine

    Cousins 4100 Rotary Arm

    Rotary Arm Stretch Film Applicator

    Cousins Packaging offers a wide range of affordable semi-automatic and rotary arm stretch wrap machines for nearly any application. For loads that are too heavy or too unstable to rotate, Cousins offers semi-automatic machines in freestanding frame, post mount, wall mount and floor lag models. For heavy duty, high speed and ultra-high speed applications, Cousins offers rotary arm machines with cycle speeds up to 95 loads per hour.

  • Automatic Stretch Wrapper

    Highlight Predator Platinum

    Automatic Stretch Wrap Film Machine

    The Predator® Platinum improves productivity by wrapping loads automatically with a simple pull of the lanyard cord, eliminating the need to have the operator attach the film at the beginning or cut and wipe the film to the load at the end of the wrap cycle. Loads can be wrapped up to 50% faster. The Predator® Platinum is a true fully automatic system with built-in features for increased productivity that are not available on other simpler automatics.

  • Highlight Predator SS Stretch Wrapper

    HIGHLIGHT Predator SS

    Automatic Stretch Wrapper

    Simple and easy to use, the Predator SS® is the affordable solution to stretch wrap your load without stretching your budget. The Predator SS® is loaded with features, including top and bottom counters, photo eye, and two (2) wrapping modes.

  • Highlight Predator XS Stretch Wrapper

    HIGHLIGHT Predator xs

    Automatic Stretch Wrapper

    The all NEW! Predator® XS is designed with extra features that surpass all preconceived notions of performance and value. These groundbreaking standard features include Select Stretch which allows you to quickly select from either 200% or 250% pre-stretch gear ratios, Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC, fast film feed and automatic film cutting at the end of the wrap cycle.

  • Highlight Synergy 3 Stretch Wrapper

    HIGHLIGHT Synergy 3

    Automatic Stretch Wrapper

    The Synergy 3 is the most versatile, flexible and reliable stretch wrap system in the industry! Dual Power Hydro-Stretch® has the versatility to adapt to any stretch film and deliver the maximum performance from that film.

  • Highlight Synergy 5 Conveyor Automatic

    HIGHLIGHT Synergy 5


    Dual Power Hydro-Stretch® provides infinite control of stretch wrap film on the load and at the pallet/load interface. The touch screen control panel offers state-of-the-art components for reliable operations, and diagnostic indicators for troubleshooting.