Impulse Sealers

  • Heat Sealers

    Sealer Sales Impulse Sealer

    Heat Sealers

    For lower volume bagging, heat sealing and shrink wrap applications, MarkPack and NagelShippers carry a variety of impulse sealers or heat sealers. Impulse sealers are ideal for shipping departments, mail rooms, retail counters, parts departments and low volume production lines. They are lightweight, portable and easy to use. Featuring cast aluminum construction, our impulse sealers are sturdy and dependable yet extremely affordable. We also carry sealing irons and heat guns as well.

  • TISF Impulse Sealer Foot Sealers

    Sealer Sales TISF Impulse Sealer

    Foot Sealers

    TISF Foot Sealers are ideal for high-volume poly bag sealing. Available in 12”, 18”, and 24” lengths with a 2.7mm or 5mm seal, the TISF-Series foot sealers are capable of sealing 15-20 bags/minute. These sealers allow you to keep your hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing. The machines are also equipped with a plug-in timer. Once the timer is set, the sealer provides a consistently flat seal.

  • Long Hand FS-Series

    Sealer Sales Long Hand FS-Series


    The FS-Series Long Hand Impulse Sealer series offers a longer sealing length for wider sealing applications. Sealers are available in 23.6”, 31.5”, or 39.5” with a 3mm seal width.

    Manufacturer’s replacement kit includes two elements and one PTFE cover.

  • Long Hand W-Series impulse sealer

    Sealer Sales Long Hand W-Series


    W-Series long hand sealers offer a longer sealing length and are ivory in color. The sealers are steel constructed for quality and durability. The sealers are steel constructed for quality and durability. Round wires can be ordered for cut and seal applications, but the sealers accompanied with a cutter are also available. Blade cuts approximately 3⁄4” from the seal. Machine film rollers are also available