Label Dispensers, Handheld Applicators & Rewinders

At MarkPack and NagelShippers we distribute label applicators and dispensers designed specifically for industrial applications of pressure sensitive labels. Our dispensers, applicators and rewinders can handle a wide range of label sizes, shapes and materials including die cut labels. If you need to peel and apply labels during your manufacturing or packaging process give the experts at MarkPack and NagelShippers a call today. We will help you find the right labeling equipment for your application. Click on the links below to learn more about our label applicators, label dispensers and label rewinders.

  • Manual and electric label dispenser

    Take-A-Label Dispenser

    Manual and Electric Label Dispensers

    MarkPack and NagelShippers carry a wide range of electric semi-automatic and manual label dispensers from Take-A-Label. Our manual dispensers are inexpensive and come in pull style models capable of holding multiple rolls of labels as well as crank style models. Our low cost electric semi-automatic dispensers use a microswitch or photoeye to sense when a label is removed and automatically feed the next label. Semi-automatic dispensers are available for a variety of roll widths and come in stainless steel.

  • Take-A-Label series hand held label applicator

    Take-A-Label Applicator

    Handheld Label Applicators

    For high volume label application, consider a hand held label applicator from Take-A-Label. Our manual hand applicators apply your labels directly to your product or box with the click of a handle. Take-A-Label handheld label applicators are capable of handling label rolls up to 3 1/2" in diameter on a 1" core. Three different models are available with web widths up to 3 15/16". They utilize an exclusive label edge detector which automatically detects the leading edge of the label. This makes setup easy and provides you with complete accuracy in dispensing.


  • Affordable label rewinder

    Take-A-Label Rewinder

    Label Rewinders

    If you are doing high volume label printing on a bar code printer, our affordable rewinders from Take-A-Label can rewind them automatically for you. The TAL-400R is capable of rewinding labels up to 4.5" wide onto a 3" core (up to 10" diameter) at speeds up to 12 inches per second. The TAL-600R is capable of rewinding labels up to 6.5" wide onto a 3" core (up to 12" diameter) at speeds up to 25 inches per second. Both machines feature bi-directional operation and come with adjustable torque switches.