Large Character Case Coders

Case Coders from MarkPack and NagelShippers are designed to print text, graphics and bar codes on corrugated cases and trays as they move down a production line. MarkPack and NagelShippers distribute a wide range of case coders to suite your needs.

  • Foxjet ProSeries High Res Case coder machine

    Foxjet ProSeries

    High Resolution Case Coder

    Foxjet's ProSeries printheads, when combined with Foxjet's Elite controller or Duo controller, provide the ultimate in bar coding reliability and performance. ProSeries printheads utilize piezo-based Trident print engines - the most reliable print engines in the industry. Available in 2" and 4" print heights, they provide greater flexibility. ProSeries printheads also have the lowest cost per code of any bar coding technology on the market today. Both the Elite and Duo controllers feature rugged construction and user friendly touchscreen displays. The new NP384 now allows for printing on shrink film and other non-porous materials.

  • Hp Thermal case coder core

    Inc.Jet IPS .CORE

    HP Thermal Inkjet Case Coder

    The IPS .CORE and IPS .TOTAL from Inc.Jet are designed for printing text and bar codes on corrugated cases and trays as well as a variety of other porous and non-porous surfaces. Inc.Jet systems are based upon Hewlett Packard thermal inkjet technology which means no mess and no maintenance. Both provide outstanding print quality at high speeds (up to 1000 feet/minute). The IPS .CORE is an off-the-shelf system designed for one or two sided tray or case printing. The IPS .TOTAL is a modular system that can handle a wide variety of unique applications.

  • Case coder ideal for super market lots

    Foxjet SoloSeries

    HP Case Coder for Lot and Date Coding

    The Foxjet SoloSeries is ideal for lot and date coding of corrugated cases and trays. The SoloSeries offers a choice of three different controllers, from an inexpensive handheld device to the rugged Marksman Duo industrial controller. The SoloSeries printheads are available in 1/2" or 1" models. Utilizing Hewlett Packard inkjet technology, the SoloSeries provide very nice print quality and require virtually no maintenance. For higher volume applications, a bulk ink supply is available to re-supply the ink cartridges.

  • Genesis Evoulution Low cost case coder

    Genesis Evolution

    Low Cost HP-Based Case Coder

    The Evolution is a low cost solution for coding on corrugated cases. The Evolution utilizes Hewlett Packard ink cartridges to provide you with high quality (300 dpi) print up to 1/2" tall on cardboard boxes as well as non-porous substrates at speeds up to 200 feet per minute. It is extremely compact and very user-friendly. And because it utilizes Hewlett Packard ink cartridges, it is clean and virtually maintenance-free. Multiple printheads can be run from the same controller for printing multiple lines of print or printing opposite sides of the carton.