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Check out the FOXJET LS4100.E Label Applicator
Check out the FOXJET LS4100.E Label Applicator

FOXJET LS4100.E Label Applicator

Did you know MarkPack Inc. offers the Foxjet LS4100.e?  This label applicator provides outstanding labeling performance at a very reasonable price!  It is designed for wipe-on labeling at speeds of up to 80 feet/minute.  The LS4100.e is quite unique providing a servo drive motor rather than a stepper motor for better accuracy and reliability. It is capable of holding a 14" roll of labels rather than a 12" roll for reduced downtime.   It is also offers a patented label rewind system that completely eliminates the need for a rubber drive roller.  Many MarkPack, Inc. customers have chosen the Foxjet LS4100.e as their #1 choice for a cost effect yet reliable label applicator.  Download a Foxjet LS4100.e Brochure for more information.