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Stencil Machines

MarkPack, Inc. sells and distributes industrial grade stencil machines from top manufactures in the industry including Marsh and Diagraph MSP.  We also carry a complete line of stencil supplies.  Click on the links  below to learn more about the stencil makers available at MarkPack, Inc. 

Manual stencil machines
Manual Stencil Machine

Manual Machines

Our hand operated stencil equipment from Diagraph and Marsh provide you with a quick and low cost solution to cutting your own stencils in house.  These are available in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" models.  Simply select the letter or number you want to cut on the dial and pull the handle.  The machine cuts it and indexes the media to the next position automatically.   Mark-Pack also carries a full line of spray and stencil inks, brushes, rollers and cutting media.


Electronic Machines

The Diagraph SC-5 stencil machine and Marsh Stencil Express stencil machine provide a faster and more flexible method of cutting stencils.  Both machines are capable of cutting characters from 1/8" up to 24" on oilboard, poly, vinyl and polyethylene.  Create your stencil on a PC, send it to the cutter and it cuts your text, logos or graphics in seconds.  Both machines come with user-friendly Windows based software.

The marsh super size stencil machine
Super Size Stencil Machine

Super Size Stencil Equipment

The Marsh Super Size stencil maker machine allows you to cut small or large stencils with type sizes of 1/4" up to 10" tall.  Simply lay out your stencil using metal die type sets on the machine bed, and turn the handle to create stencils quickly and easily.  It produces big, bold, easily read marks on oversize crates, equipment and signs.  Over 20 font sizes are available in both U.S. and metric sizes.  Different type sizes may be used on the same stencil.

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