Automatic Label Applicator Systems

Our automatic label applicators from Foxjet are rugged and reliable yet affordable. From the low cost LS4100 to the high speed LS4700, we have a competitively priced solution. We also carry a semi-automatic tabletop applicator.

  • Patented label rewind system

    Foxjet LS4100.e Label Applicator

    Low Cost Automated Label Applicator

    The Foxjet LS4100.e provides outstanding labeling performance at a very reasonable price point. Designed for wipe-on labeling at speeds up to 80 feet/minute, the LS4100.e is quite unique. Unlike most other low cost label applicators, the LS4100.e has a servo drive motor rather than a stepper motor for better accuracy and reliability. It is capable of holding a 14" roll of labels rather than a 12" roll for reduced downtime. And it offers a patented label rewind system that completely eliminates the need for a rubber drive roller.

  • High speed automatic label applicator

    Foxjet LS4700.e Label Applicator

    High Speed Automatic Label Applicator

    The Foxjet LS4700.e labeler is a competitively priced solution to high speed applications (up to 300 feet/minute or 800 labels/minute). Tamp Unit allows for quick change of tamp pad for easy changes on the production line. 

  • Label mill tabletop semi automatic label applicator

    Label Mill 1000TTS Tabletop

    Semi-Automated Tabletop Shipping Applicator

    The Label Mill 1000TTS tabletop semi-automated label applicator is designed for low to medium volume labeling applications. Using unique rail-mounted modules, the Label Mill 1000 can serve as a label dispenser, tamp applicator, round product applicator and flag applicator. Because this unit can do it all, there is no need for additional units for each type of application. Changeover from one application to another can be done in five minutes or less. The 1000TTS is inexpensive yet ruggedly built for industrial use.